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"I am happy to say that I love your magnificent bow! After playing it last night, I never wanted to put it down. It is perfectly balanced and does everything I ask it to do whether it's spiccatto, forte, pianissimo, legato, ricochet, everything. It has amazing power and refinement."

"I am enjoying the clarity and precision your bow has brought to my playing. I haven't found a limit to what it can do."

"I'm so pleased with both the sound and the control that I have with this bow that you made."

"Am enjoying the new bow. Great response for spicatto."

"I want to tell you how happy I am with the copy you made of my Peccatte bow.
The bow plays easily and is more forgiving than the Peccatte"

"Your bow is a real Ferrari of a stick - all of the technical twist and turns are made with greater ease
and I get clearer tactile feedback, which enhances subtle technical timing.
This bow simply makes my performing life easier and better."

"This is the bow of my dreams. Every concert or rehearsal I come home to tell my wife, I love this bow.
It is the best equipment purchase of my life."

"I play on a small 15.5 inch viola, but your bow made it sound like it was 17 inches or so!"

"Your bow is definitely my favorite now; most of the time my fine Sartory stays in the case."

"My Raguse (bow) rocks!"

"Your bow has changed my approach to bowing; it does easily for me what I had to work at to get other bows to do.
It has shown me how to relax hands and arms to get a more expressive sound."

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